Ulture factors influence the consumer behavior

Dissertation Proposal
Title of Dissertation: Culture factors influence the consumer behavior
1. Describe relationship between marketing and culture
2. Explore the culture factors influences consumer behavior.
3.Choose two aspects of marketing(brand and advertisement) to emphasize the importance of culture.
4.Analysis how the company can deal with cultural factors(cross-cultural marketing) to make the business more successful.

The proposal should include:
1. Introduction
2. Research objectives
3. Literature review/Background(must have 20-30 references)
4. Methodology
4.1. Secondary research
4.2. primary Research
4.2.1. Qualitative researchFocus groups(must have 4 focus groups)
4.2.2. Quantitative researchSurvey
6. Value of research
7. Limitations
8. References

I will update some example of the proposal.