Ulture Group Presentation and Paper (Colombia)

(Health Assessment Class)
This is not only an speech presentation, it is also a paper. And this will be attached to the rest of the project.

This is a group paper and presentation about a culture given by the instructor, and the culture was Colombia.
The part I have is the diseases most common in Colombia such as diseases and viruses. I have to mention some diseases and focus on one of them. give some statistics and what is listed above:
*Disease processes that are predominant in the Colombian culture and how you assess for this disease
*Risk factors
*How it is diagnosed
*How it is treated
*Education on lifestyle modification

Utilize sources current within the last 5 years
*At least one source must be related to the disease process specific to this culture
Professional journals or books, peer reviewed

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This is 40% of my grade.

Thank you.