Ulture or society affect peoples love styles

I will upload chapter 8 powerpoint. I chose the first one.
Sociology of Communications

In a 8-10 page reaction paper, pick one of the following question and answer to the best of your ability. You can apply this to your own relationships and examine how you believe society views each question. Use examples and answer the why part of question. This paper is worth 100 points.

Grading will be based on how well you answer the proposed question, examples used to justify your answers, and how you write your paper.

1. (Chapter 8) Do you think peoples love styles change throughout their lives? If so, what factors do you think account for this change? How might Culture or society affect peoples love styles beyond what was discussed in this chapter? In other words, does societal rules and expectations play a role on how we should examine love

2. (Chapter 12) In your relationships, do you agree or disagree with some scholars that men have more power than women? On the basis of what you have read in this chapter, how do you think relative power, and sex differences in power, influence relationship satisfaction and decision making? Is power determined by societys expectations? Is it cultural? Does this seem to apply to your own romantic relationships?

3. (Chapter 11) Think about your long-term relationships. How often do you have disagreements with these relational partners?. Do you tend to avoid or engage in conflict? Which of the six conflict styles discussed in this chapter best fits you? Does your style of communication stay fairly consistent, or does it vary a lot depending on the situation and the partner? Which of the rules for constructive conflict management do you think is most difficult to follow? Do you have any additional suggestions that might help your classmates learn to manage conflict in more constructive ways?