Ulture, Power and Resistance in the Twenty-First Century

QUESTION) What role does consumer culture play in securing the success of neoliberalism?
Try to show that you understand what neolibralism is by reading the reccommended reading.
Try to consider the role played by both the practices and forms of relationship which consumerism encourages, as well
as the actual content of current forms of commercial culture. You should be certain to explore the thematics either of
hegemony or of Foucaultas a?technologies of the selfa, or preferably both, in this essay.

Reading lISTSMark Fisher (2009) Capitalist Realism, Zero Books is a short, polemical, brilliant account of the nature of neoliberal
hegemony today; although he never actually uses the term.
Williams, Raymond (1977) Marxism and Literature, Oxford University Press pp. 108-33 offers a very interesting and
relevant reflection on the issue of how to understand the political character of different social movements or formations,
from a perspective which is heavily influenced by Gramsci.

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(Yes the above books have very similar titles!)
5Binkley, Sam & Jo Littler (eds) Cultural Studies and Anti-Consumerism: A Critical Encounter(This is Issue 5, Volume
22 of the journal Cultural Studies, and contains a very useful selection of articles. You can access it online via Athens
or find the hard copy in the library)
Featherstone, Mike (2007) Consumer Culture and Postmodernism. Sage. (This is the new edition of a book that was
first published in 1991: if you can only find the old edition then it should be fine to look at that.)
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