Ulturel Specific Leader Behaviour ( western leadership theory and non-western leadership theory)

Essay 3,000 words (using a min of 15-20 journal sources) 20% Due: 15 Dec 2010
The essay task is specifically designed to encourage critical analysis of academic literature in a general management area in order to allow students to focus on their approach to creating the assessment item. In doing so it is anticipated that you will demonstrate your academic skills in researching databases to source journal articles. These articles will form the base of information you will use in order to create a critical review of the literature. This analysis will need to be presented, structured, cited and referenced effectively. The goal is to practice the academic skills and techniques, which are discussed each week in class and apply them to a task. Ultimately, this assignment will assist you with your progression towards the successful completion of your Masters Degree.

You are required to create 3,000 word critical review of the literature by analysing journal articles in your chosen area from the three (3) choices available. Students can select from the three (3) topics including:
1. Effective Change Management
2. Transformational Leadership
3. Creating and Using Effective Teams and Group
The aim of this piece of work is to demonstrate that you have internalised the main elements of planning and writing academically which are discussed throughout the semester. To complete this task you will have to use your scholarship skills in order to research, write and complete your work.
In order to ensure you successfully complete the essay your will need to:

. Clarify your topic and task
. Research and search for relevant academic journal articles in the library databases on line
under the Web CT link
. Critically review and analyse the articles to build an argument around your chosen topic
. Plan and structure your essay clearly
. Display your understanding of the literature and topic through effective citing and referencing
throughout each paragraph
. Have a clear introduction and conclusion to the essay
Word Limit: 3,000 words (Must include reference to a min 15-20 quality academic journal sources)
Due Date: 15 December 2010, 3pm
Where: Via Web CT (remember to include the Header sheet to the front of the document)
Weighting: This assessment is worth 20% of the overall mark for the course.
Referencing: Harvard Style (Reference List should be in single line spacing and indent 2nd line down of each source)
Font: Arial Size 11pt
Spacing: 1.5 Line Spacing
Alignment: Justified
Structure: Introduction, Critical Analysis and Conclusion, Reference List