Ultures in organization : Two case examples

Discuss the culture within two different corporation or companies from the prospect of the workers and their culture and here is an example :
In the last chapter I indicated in a rather abstract manner how one
should think about the complex concept of culture as it applies to
groups, occupations, and organizations. I emphasized the need to go
beyond the surface levels of artifacts and espoused beliefs and values
to the deeper, taken-for-granted shared assumptions that create
the pattern of cognitions, perceptions, and feelings displayed by the
members of the group. Unless one understands what is going on at
this deeper level, one cannot really decipher the meaning of the
more surface phenomena, and, worse, one might misinterpret them
because of the likelihood that one will be projecting oneas own cultural
biases onto the observed phenomena.
In this chapter I would like to illustrate this multilevel analysis by
describing two companies with whom I worked for some period of
time, permitting me to begin to identify some key elements of their
cultures. I say elements because it is not really possible to describe an
entire culture. But one can get at enough elements to make some of
the key phenomena in these companies comprehensible.