Ultures of corporate security: corporate management of terrorist risk. (security management)

Table 1
The Applied Research Model for the Capstone Project Problem Identification Interviews, project selection, research question & analysis.
Conceptualization Literature search: informal & institutional sources, library (including the AMU Online Library) & data base sources, interviews.
Operationalization Transform the research findings into concrete approaches to solving the problem. Select capstone study strategies based on evidence, credibility, & audience.
Measurement Pre-production strategies, data gathering, observations, interviews relevant to the production of the capstone study.
Analysis Project production. Analysis of techniques, approaches, results of the capstone study.
Recommendations Discuss the ways in which the solution solved the problem: successes, weaknesses, suggested revisions.

Scope : students assess methodologies for successful research and research study preparation. Additionally, they formulate strategies for writing successful research study on a relevant topic of their choice.

Objectives :

1. Develops and presents a draft proposal, short study topic overview (statement), and outlines a tentative research approach. Include your annotated bibliography.
2. validate the fundamentals of a formal capstone study proposal.
3. validate a research plan.
4. critique methods for successful writing.
5. create additional annotated bibliography reference citations.

Assignment #3 (week 3) : provide your instructor with a proposed topic via e-mail, ( include an essay of a minimum of 500 words describing your reasons for selecting your proposed topic) Add four references to the annotated bibliography you began last week.

Selected Topic.

Cultures of corporate security: corporate management of terrorist risk.

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reference previous order 551278 on security management for the (four) additional annonated bibiliography.