Ultures of corporate security: corporate management of the terrorist risks.(capstone thesis)

Capstone Thesis Details
Research Methods
The project is to involve an investigation of a current issue, trend, problem, or opportunity for a
department, company, or industry. It will entail extensive research of published sources
(secondary information) and may include gathering primary data, as well. Primary data could be
gathered through focus groups, in-depth interviews, or a telephone or mail survey, however, this
may present two major challenges. First, the student must become thoroughly knowledgeable in
the use of the method through independent study. Second, desired survey respondents may not
be available. Design of a primary research study must be approved by the faculty member
before class begins. This includes sample selection, questionnaire design, and methods of
If your proposed topic will contain content from a paper that was written for another class, it
must involve extensive additional research or it will be considered plagiarism. Plagiarism is
grounds for dismissal from the University.
Examples of projects may be available for review at your local Davenport LInC.
Please note: Certain assignments may require students to assess the marketing or business strategies of
real-world organizations. Because companies (including Davenport University) generally hold such
strategic information confidential, students should be challenged to use secondary research and
analytical reasoning to draw conclusions about strategic direction. Only public information will be
readily available to students, and they should learn to derive meaning from that information.
Written Report
Below is a brief outline of the thesis. APA style is to be used.
Title Page
i. Abstract or Executive Summary
1. Introduction
2. Literature Review
3. Method Used to Gather Information (If primary research is conducted)
4. Results
5. Conclusions or Recommendations
Copy of PowerPoint presentation slides (hardcopy with 6 slides per page)-5 pages.

This topic should strongly address terrorism as it relates to corporate security( minimum of 5 risks) risks . e.g. espionage, sabotage, information security, workplace violence and executive protection etc.