Umberland County, Tennessee: Assessing reading progress before and after No Child Left Behind was implemented

This is part of a 4 chapter paper. I will send the first two chapters of this research paper by email. The data collected is from 1998-2005. I would appreciate it if some of the data was updated with 2006-2007 data. Chapters 3 and 4 will be the continuation of chapters 1 and 2.
Here is the criteria for chapters 3 and 4.
Ch.3 Presentation and analysis of the data
This chapter should contain a presentation of the data collected and an objective analysis of it.

ch.4 Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations.
-Have these headings in chapter 4.
(Introduction)-provide a brief description
(Findings)What were the major findings
(Conclusions)what does each finding mean.
(Recommendations)what should be done based on the findings.

Please create a bibliography page

Data that needs to be added to chapters 1+2 from the 06-07 school year is available at The tennessee state department of education website. Please have a few references from ERIC.