Un Control: Infringement on the 2nd Amendment?

RESEARCH COMPONENT: Each student will complete a research paper on one of the topics in your text or on the list located in the paper information section of BB. The paper is to be typed, double-spaced, and 10-15 pages in length (of text). Note ten pages of text is the minimum. References and citations will be in APA format which you should be familiar with due to previous CJ courses. You MUST use the following five sources of reference materials (use an academic journal, a trade journal, internet source, newspaper, encyclopedias and/or textbooks from previous courses or your text,a¦however, dont give me all the same type of sources or you will lose points). WIKIPEDIA WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON THIS PAPER! If you elect to discuss your paper with me at any time for advice, I will be happy to review your work. If you are late, you will be assessed late points per day. Turnitin.com will be used also. If your paper comes back as more than 20%, you will be allowed to revise it before turning it into me. I will create a turnitin.com student account for this class week #2 so you can turn your paper into it before turning it in to me. Then you need to turn the paper as well as the report into me for final grading in the link in BBas assignment button. ALSO IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 50 GRAMMAR ERRORS IN THIS PAPER, IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR GRADED UNTIL IT IS REVISED APPROPRIATELY.