Un Control Legislation (Do stricter laws correlate to lower homicide rates, fewer gun related crimes and less illegal weapons)

For this task, you will find 10 sources for your proposed research paper, list the sources in APA format on a reference page, and provide an annotation for each source. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to summarize sources, evaluate their quality and credibility, and assess their relevance.


A. Develop an appropriate, arguable working thesis statement with two to four main points to research.

Note: Include your thesis statement at the top of the annotated bibliography.

B. Prepare an annotated bibliography of at least 10 credible sources that you plan to use in your research by doing the following:
1. Provide a full APA-formatted reference citation for each source.
2. Provide an annotation (suggested length of 150 words) for each source in which you do the following:
a. Provide a reasonable summary of the information presented in the source.
b. Provide a logical evaluation of the quality, credibility, and relevance of the source (e.g., Does this source provide background information on the topic, support your thesis and main points, or provide only tangential information?).
3. Provide an in-text citation within each annotation as it would be used if you cited the source in your final paper.