Unctions of Management and Roles of Management

McDonalds Corporation is one of the best known global brands. Starting with 2004, McDonalds witnesses a turn around and has become very profitable again, despite a high turnover of CEOs.

McDonalds leadership decided to continue to grow, using many new strategies, such as refurbishing locations, customizing service in each country and geographic area, enhancing R&D and product development, as well as marketing and packaging, extending service, offeringhealthy choices, and so on.


Please write a 3 4 page paper, answering the following question:

What functions of management has McDonalds leadership used in order to turn around the company and make it profitable?


Background Materials


Please go to the TUI Libraries: Proquest and conduct a search.

Required Readings!

McDonalds 24/7; By focusing on the hours between traditional mealtimes, the fast-food giant is sizzling

By Michael Arndt. Business Week. New York: Feb 05, 2007. , Iss. 4020; pg. 64

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Please also visit the McDonalds Corporation Website and conduct additional research!

Helpful Tips:

Please first read in-depth the Background Materials

Identify key concepts (main functions of management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling) and study them

Read the cases in-depth and conduct additional research, if necessary

Find facts in the case to match functions of management

Make sure to be relate each function of management to specific facts (such as, Planning: vision (one example can be growth from within, or diversification into Cafes), strategies (what actions does he need to select to finalize this vision, such as marketing, international expansion), Organizing (how these strategies are implemented through franchisors, for example), leadership (despite a high turnover, the company has continued its successful growth, a fact which shows strong internal CEO succession plans), controlling (unique standards and policies, very strict controls in all units and all over the world).
Develop arguments by applying the concepts of functions of management to facts in the case

Please use an Introduction, Main Body with 4 sections Planning Organizing Leading and Controlling, and Concusions!