Undamental Analysis Report (Financial Information for Business Decisions)

For a FTSE 350 company of your choice, write a 2,000 word Fundamental Analysis report.

The report should cover 5 years, include an executive summary, utilise footnote referencing and critically link the numbers presented with the business model.

Every time you reference a number or an explanation you must put a hard copy of the page of the annual report where you got the information from in the appendix and give it a page number. You must reference this information in the main body of the report in way that allows the marker to easily and quickly link the information in the report and the information in the appendix.
Eg. the directors assert that the sales increase was due to the opening of new stores in Poland (see Appendix page 12).
and then on page 12 of the Appendix put the page of the Directors report that shows this information.

Eg. Revenue for the 5 year period is set out below (see Appendix references as detailed).
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
A?m A?m A?m A?m A?m
Revenue 1,000 1,020 996 1,234 1,175

Appendix page 21 22 23 24 25

and then in the appendices put the Income statement for 2007 on page 21, the income statement for 2008 on page 22 etca¦

Referencing Requirements:
At least one copy of annual report and accounts for a UK FTSE 350 company of your choice.