Undamentals of Intercultural Communication (research essay)


Purpose: In this assignment, you will produce a research essay that responds to the
theme that you have been following throughout the duration of this course. So far, you
have addressed issues that surround this theme and done research directly connected
to it, so you should have a strong understanding of that themeas relevance to the study
of intercultural communication. You are still welcome to change from your chosen
theme, even at this late date; however, this is not recommended as that would mean
you will be starting your research virtually from scratch. Even though you may wish to
change themes, the resources that you have already collected will be invaluable.

As this is a research essay, you will be using original research to answer a question
about intercultural communication. You should focus your research by way of a strong,
focused research question prior to beginning your research as this is critical to success.
Avoid going into your research with a predetermined thesis as this is very limiting and
can in fact impede your research

Question: Your research essay should attempt to answer, but is not limited to, questions
such as:
How does an understanding of Georg Simmelas concept of the Stranger aid in
achieving effective individual intercultural communication

This essay must include a minimum of eight 8 academic resources to be considered
complete. As noted in the syllabus, you may use resources already collected to support
your argumentative claim. However, you may use no more than two (2) of the resources
from the critical discussion list. All resources used in this essay must be valid academic

In this assignment, you must continue to practice correct APA formatting according to the current APA guide. You must include a correctly formatted APA style References page. You can find this information at resource/560/01/.

Format: As with the first three assignments, formatting is critical to the success of your research essay, as you must always practice discipline-appropriate formatting, including correct citation and referencing practices, in academic writing. A correct and complete References page is required to list the resources that have used for this paper. All formatting practices addressed in the three prior assignments must be maintained.
Like in the first two assignments, your research essay must be submitted on standard 8 A? x 11 paper. All standard essay formatting will apply: 12 point font, preferably Times New Roman or Arial; 1a? margins on all sides; double spaced with paragraphs indented and no extra spaces between (essay format, not business format); one staple in the top left corner joining the pages; page numbers in the top right corner; appropriate running head; black ink only.