Undamentals of Qualitative Research: Application

Using the attached document review and critique the selected research prospectus by answering the following questions:

a? How does the problem statement align with the research approach (be specific here-the approach refers to the SPECIFIC approach within this quantitative research that has been identified) communicated in the purpose section?
a? How does the purpose of the study inform the way in which the research questions are written?
a? Do the research questions adequately address the problem as detailed by the researcher? Why or why not?
a? Does the wording of the purpose statement and research question suggest the research methodology (be specifica not just quantitative) used in the study? How?
a? Does the methodology employed adequately address all aspects of the problem detailed by the researcher? Why or why not?
a? Do all elements of the projectas design work together in a cohesive and logical manner? Why or why not?