Unds management and Portfolio selections ( financial report with EXCEL)

Select ten companies listed on ASX. Collect historical closing share price data for each company (at least five years of daily data). Share price data is availale at the following web pages:


Form equally weighted portfolios of these shares by adding a companyas shares to portfolio until you have ten protfolios,ie., one including a single companyas share, one with this plus one other companyas shares, one with these two plus one other, etc. until the tenth portfolio includes shares of each of the ten companies.

Calculate return, variance and beta for each of selected companies and for each of the ten portfolios.

The report need to address the following issues:

Whet are the criteria of your portfolio constructions? Eg: what factors you need to consider when you select a stock into your potfolio.

What are the limitations of your portfolio construction to achieve your portfolio objective?

What are your findings and recommendations?