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Question # 1

University Entrance Essay question: Describe one time when you acted as a leader of a team or group, and another time when you acted as a member of a team or group. Tell us what you have learned about yourself in both rolesa as a leader and as a team member.

Length: Please be concise and respond using 300 words

Writing style a University level grammar/language structure

Essay purpose and tone: The essay is about leading vs being a team member roles; the wording must be positive for both roles and show my ability to work in either role

Subject for Essay: As a member of Matt 25, a Social Justice committee, at my High School, I had the opportunity to lead an initiative and to also be a team member for other initiatives.

I was responsible for the leading a team of student that was responsible for establishing a 24 hour fasting (no food) sleepover at the school to raise awareness and money for world hunger.

Matt 25 had several other events during the year where I was a team member of several different teams including a cook-a-thon, food drive and a Christmas gift drive.

Being a leader gave me a good understanding of my

- Build trust with the team members

- Confident person can inspire others

- Passionate and motivated to succeed

- Creativity and Innovation, demonstrating original and inventive ways of thinking and acting

Being a member of these teams taught me

- Strong communicator/ share ideas

- Respectful of other people

- collaboratively working with team members

Question # 2

University Entrance Essay requirement: Please describe the steps you have taken to ensure that Commerce/Business is an appropriate field of study and potential career for you.

Writing style a University level grammar/language structure

Length: Please be concise and respond using 300 words or less in your answer

Essay purpose: The essay is about to highlight the process and methodology for the decision making. Steps need to be logical.

Subject for Essay: I have taken many steps to ensure that business is an appropriate field for study and potential career for me.

- Evaluated my core skills and interests

o Strong communicator

o Passionate leader, needs to work with teams

o Dynamic environment that continues to evolve

o Ability to think critically and creatively

o Learns more quickly from experience.

- Had several discussions with my parents.

- Spoken with my family members that run several businesses .I have seen the personal satisfaction and benefit they receive from doing their job.

- Reviewed several other possible areas of studies that could develop my skills and interests like law, psychology, and advertisement.

- Best match to skills and future value was business

- Potential careers:

o Most broad opportunities for finding employment with business degree because it is applicable to almost every industry. My special interests are pharmaceutical and high-tech industry.

o Longer term, I would like to start my own business

Question #3

University Entrance Essay question: Describe your goals for your time at Queenas University and how it will affect my life and career.

Length: Please be concise and respond using 300 words

Writing style a University level grammar/language structure. The essay is marked on writing style

Essay purpose: The essay is about how attending this university will develop me and how I intend to use this education and the experience to build my career. The wording must be positive and focused on the total benefit of the superior school experience.

Subject for Essay: Goals for my time at Queens University

- meet and build relationships with a diverse group of people, that compliment and challenge my point of view

- exposed to new concepts that challenge my view of the world

- opportunities to get involved and eventually lead various activities from sports to social interest groups

- learn best practices and fundamentals for the operation of a successful business

Beyond school

- Leverage the relationships that I built during university for personal and business

- Apply my learning to the real world and change the way business are run in the future

- Want to apply for Masters of Business Administration after I have a few years of real world experience to use as a reference