This subject is Strategic Management. Please ensure correct terminology are used where appropriate and that research is completed with the highest standard of academic excellence. Thank you.

The research paper is to be completed in a report format with the following:

1. Executive summary
Must be compelling, concise, comprehensive and persuasive.

2. External Environmental Analysis
Must show comprehensiveness of analysis, use of appropriate tools and mature evaluation of strategic implications.
Lecturers tip: Put this case in the context of the market/industry. What are the forces that influence this industry? It is a global market, therefore it is subject to global forces. Significant factors in that industry? What is occurring in that industry? Competitors? You may use PESTEL Analysis, Porters 5 fores, Value Chain etc.. if you want, but look at the key points!

3. Internal Environmental Analysis
Must show comprehensiveness of analysis, use of appropriate tools and mature evaluation of strategic implications.
Lecturers tip: This is all about Gunns. What is it about Gunns? What are their core competencies? Resources? Are they capable of creating competitive advantage?

4. Financial Analysis
Must show depth of analysis undertaken.
Lecturers tip: Look at the broad spectrum and the conclusion you can draw from this. Identify the financial problem. What does this tell you about the company?

5. Identification of Strategic Issues
Must identify the major issues.
Lecturers tip: Dont concentrate on the fact that they got into administration, think of it in terms of problems, those problems were evident before they got into administration. The problems that they should have addressed were already there. Looking at the significant things that affect/ed Gunns. What do they have to contend with in formulating a strategy? Not just Australian, look at the global interface. If you know you have too much debt, thats what you would focus on. You have to do something about it. But what do you do? Look at the structure of the industry. What are you capable of doing?

6. Generation of Strategic Alternatives
Have at least 5 plausible alternatives outlined and justified.
Lecturers tip: Look at the variety of things that could be done. Youre not judged on the actual strategy, but instead, the basis of how you arrived to the strategy. Must show that you have gone through a logical process. It may even include doing nothing. What happens when the company does nothing? Administration? Exit? Can they sell? What have they got to sell?

7. Final Strategic Recommendation
Is the recommendation viable, will it solve the strategic issues and has it been justified and the outcomes identified and quantified? Must show.
Lecturers tip: One, or two or a combination of all. What do you recommend?

My lecturer has given me the following additional tips:
Keep the history of Gunns to a minimum. We already know this and this is a waste of time.
Be straight to the point
Ensure all references and information obtained are up to date.
Concentrate on the key elements!

Thank you. I shall upload the case study assignment when I can access my profile.