Ur & Animal Skins History, Fashion & Controvercies

Please make sure the dissertation is structured like thisbr /
br /
Introductionbr /
Chapter 1br /
Chapter 2br /
Chapter 3br /
Conclusionbr /
br /
The sourcing has to be mainly from books and articles and please try to make no more than 20 web sources. please add visuals were applicable, I can attach some later. Depth of argument is needed. This dissertation is not about being against the use of fur and leather, but more talking about the appearance of the controversy and the meaning fur and leather have. br /
br /
Please ass sub-chapters and headings. The essay needs good structure and a professional flow. There needs to be clear elements of analysis, questioning concepts, explaining their meaning and the relevance to the main subject. br /
br /
strong notions of ethics must be clear and sustainability. Thinking about the history of usage of leather and fur in more traditional settings as clothing, also need to look at a more contemporary usage, as well as its ethical connotations of its usage and skills involved.br /
Traditional and historical use of leather and fur as clothing and small clusters of tribal groups who still use them. br /
The notion of consumption and the theory of conspicuous consumption need to be included. Ethics of consumption. br /
Morality of trade in animal skins and furs. br /
The influence fashion has on peoples minds and desires and how are these relayed trough media/advertising. br /
What is the idea of luxury within fashion. br /
br /
History social and cultural contexts within which production and consumption of these products takes place(leather and fur)br /
Who makes them in the fashion world? who buys them? why? status br /
What is the historical context of use as a luxury product and how does this impact its current value/trade.br /
br /
br /
Things to be added in the dissertation, topics to be put into 3 main chapters. br /
leather and fur as a luxury product in the fashion market. br /
History and how it became so used in contemporary life. br /
Controversy of fur in fashion and the ethical problems.br /
Supply and demand of leather and furbr /
Problems with production of leather and fur garments and accessories. Sustainability in the production chain. br /
Brief history of uses of leather and fur especially as a way of dress used in ancient times (from everyday needs and coverings to sophistication on the catwalk).br /
Cavemen, poor civilizations, Africa leather is symbol of rebirth and in Asia considered impure, uncleanbr /
br /
How this affects how people view leather & fur today?br /
Roles of leather and fur in fashion industry. br /
Cult item in the contemporary wardrobe br /
Identity revealing second skinbr /
Symbolism of power, authority and status.br /
Movements and fashions during the centuries and how fur and leather were involved wars, sexual revolution, movies, rock & roll.br /
br /
Ethics explanation and reference to fur. br /
Ethics of leather manufacturing and sourcing as well as pricing and then how it is accepted and popularity remains at the forefront of fashion look books and trends. (it never goes out of fashion)br /
Leather as a by-product of the meat industrybr /br /br /br /
The problem with poor treatment of animalsbr /br /br /br /
Controversy add campaigns where fashion models take partbr /
the impact of blogging and celebrity culture on fashion consumption and dissemination. br /
PETAbr /
br /
br /
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WEBbr /br /br /
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