Urbing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Malawi through mandatory secondary-school education for women

basically, I discussed the HIV/AIDS problem in Malawi in my previous composition, the main factors are most of them are poor and uneducated, which mean they have limited knowledge to prevent and take effective actions to fight against AIDS. Also, because of the poverty, they do not have enough health insurance and complete health system to take care of them. So for this composition, I will focus on the solutions to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS in Malawi. The solutions can be the ones implemented currently and the tentative solutions in the future. In general, it focuses on how to improve the mandatory secondary-school education for women in Malawi. By changing the school education, the women are able to go for higher education and get more knowledge. Also,they can get jobs and make money by themselves. Moreover, it can talk a bit about how to change the poverty situation in Malawi to improve their lives. Then compare all these solutions together and find out a best one. Then analyze why that solution is the best to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Malawi.

Here is the prospectus
Composition 2 Prospectus

I. Basics

1. Describe your tentative solution in one sentence as you would to a bored person at a party.

2. How are you going to use what you learned about your subject in Composition 1 to advance your solution in Composition 2? (Note: There is no one right way to use your research for Composition 1. However, you shouldnt be adding 1000 words to Composition 1, but rather repurposing your evidence to serve your new argument.)

3. What are some aspects of your solution that you are still struggling to understand and/or formulate an argument about?

II. Audience and Genre

Note: Composition 2 should NOT be a blog OR an academic essay. It is an advocacy essay. Your Composition 2 should be authoritative without being too i??scholarly.i?? Think of the tone used in big-name magazine articles, letters to governors, etc.

1. Audience. Whom are you addressing?

2. Genre. After reading the advocacy section in AGWR, find an example of an advocacy essay (or an article with a comparable tone and goals). Ideally, it would be one that has a target audience similar to yours.

III. Sources (NB!)

For Composition 1, we focused on using electronic sources. Now its time to get some books. Browsing in the library in person is a uniquely rewarding experience because it allows you to find chapters in books whose titles didnt show up during online searches and see a variety of related booksi??especially recent ones, and you want your sources to be as up-to-date as possible!

For this assignment, please go to Langson Library. Find 5 (FIVE) scholarly secondary sources or primary sources that are BOOKS. List them here in MLA format, answer the questions below, choose the BEST book for your purposes, and bring that to class next Tuesday.

Electronic books found through the catalogue are okay.

Hint: You may want to do a search on ANTPAC for your topic, note down the call number of a book that looks like it might be useful, and go to the section of the library where that book is located. You may also want to check out this library subject guide: call-numbers.html

MLA list of 5 scholarly secondary source print books on your topic:

So for the books, it seems that use the source and solutions from books and analyze why the source and examples are significant to solutions