Urgent) Law exam, looking for advice to study

Hello, I am going to have an exam tomorrow. I am revising now but I have no idea how to revise it. There are 2 sections in the exam. The lecturer told us some keywords(tips) to revise. However, the lecture notes are lack of details to revise. Could you please help me write out some key points or notes to revise?
I have attached the lecture notes and the Revision tips.
In section A, she told us that this section will be about Director duty and disqualification.
In section B, that will be about bribery.
Could you please write out what I should revise based on the tips she has given us?
Please let me know if you want more pages and I will be happy to pay for that. I am really stressful about this exam. This exam is really important so I placed a 1st Class order. Thank you very much.

Referencing Requirements:
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