Uriculum design for teaching High School Badminton

The student will design curriculum for teaching badminton to a diverse High School Population while addressing the needs of special education students.

papaer should show an undersanding of facts and information as well as of major concepts and perspectives. The writer should demonstrate the ability to intergrate ideas from a variety of sources and to develope conclusions based on His/ hers own thinking.

There is latitude in the books articles and other sources used.
core readings may be used in paper,

Tony Grice, BADMINTON: Steps to success, Champaign, Il Human Kinetics

George J. Posner & Alan N. Rudnitsky, Course design : A Guide to Curriculum Development for teachers, New York:n Longman, 1986

Roger l. Sweeting & Janet S. Wilsonn, Badminton: Basic skills and Drills, Mountain Veiw, Ca. Mayfield Publishing Co., 1992.