Urrency hedging at firm level shareholder values

Module Name: International Finance

You are expected to write an essay of 1500 words that provides your arguments regarding the statement, presents the evidence (such as academic research or specific company cases)

You should elaborate on some aspects of the lecture materials, draw on academic research or use materials from the financial media. Marks would be awarded for the rigor of the analysis and the practicality of your recommendations. In addition, although figures and tables are not counted toward the word limit. you should only present relevant supporting materials otherwise your work might be perceived as of lower quality.

All referencing, citations and quotes should be harvard referencing style. and a reference list should be included.

Recommended texts:
Multinational Business Finance
Eiteman, Stoneill & Moffett
Addision Wesley 11th edition

International Financial Management (more advanced)
Geert Bekaert and Robert Hodrick
Perason 2009

Multinational Financial Management
Alan Shapiro
Wiley 8th edition 2006

Global investments
Solnik, Bruno, and Dennis McLeavey
Addision Wesley, 6th edition 2008