Urrent and Future Development of Irvine

The place to analyze City of Irvine, California, USA
1. There is one docx file for the requirement of the assignment, please follow the requirements strictly. (I choose the City of Irvine, Place FIPS: 36770)
2. A pdf file there are three tables, focus on the first table, there are many five digit city codes at the top and left end, you can find them in the second page of the docx file. this table shows that how many people original living in one city but working at other city. and the city I choose Irvine, is a place that to attract people to work at.
3. There are two links one is the citys wedsite, you can find many development plans on there. The other link is SCGA, there is a long report for Irvine, you can focus on the table on page 2, and use the following sources if you want.

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