Urrent Argument and Argument Definitions

In essay format, with a title page, complete the following:
Part 1:
Define the following terms in 1-2 sentences per term. Please write the definition in your own wordsdo not copy and paste definitions from dictionaries or websites. Additionally, after your definition, create an original example of an argument that illustrates each term. Explain how and why your example applies to term.
a? Valid argument
Invalid argument strong argument weak argument Sound argument Unsound argument cogent argument uncogent argument
Part 2:
Find an example of a current argument. It can be from an editorial in a local newspaper or from a book, magazine or web article. Copy the argument as written, citing the appropriate source using APA rules for in-text citations. Explain the argument; identify the premises and the conclusion. Determine if the argument is valid or not by examining the link between the premises and the conclusion and evaluating the truth of the premises. This analysis should be 1-2 pages in length with scholarly support for your opinions, cite at least 1-2 references supporting your viewpoints.
Please make the references/article easy to locate.