Urrent Concepts in Leadershiphospitality

Please answer the following questions. Make sure it flows and it relates to the hospitality field and the Marriott corporation.

1. Define leadership.

2. Explain differences between leadership and management.

3. Provide at least 5 leadership theories you studied and provide examples of how they could be applied in a management setting. ( situational approach, continegency, path-goal, group and exchange theories, leader-member exchange theory,Charasmatic leadership, Transformational leadership, social learning)

4. Based on your course study, provide a description of what leadership style or styles that appear most appropriate for you. ( use the sourse of Connective leadership, Managing in a changing world by Jean Lipman-Blumen.

4. Discuss your past experiences relative to leadership which you have encountered in your work settings. Note both positive and negative aspects and the impact these have had on the management environment.

The major source of this paper should be Connective Leadership, managing in a changing world by Jean Lipman-Blumen.

the other sources should be peer reviewed and relates directly to the hospitality field