Urrent controversy about capital punishment in Texas

summarize and analyze all positions fairly.

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Your purpose in this 5i??7 page essay is to map out the various positions within your chosen controversy, stating clearly what those positions are and then highlighting the relationships among them. Do noti??no way, no howi??present a one-sided view, as if those who argue certain positions doni??t know what theyi??re talking about. If this is really a controversy, there are several legitimate positions possible, and your job is to articulate each positioni??s most compelling arguments. One way to avoid bias in this paper is to give each i??sidei?? an equal opportunity to present its position from its own perspective. Be sure to attribute statements to their original speakers or organizations: Use phrases such as i??According toi??i?? and i??As stated byi??i?? Also, use verbs that indicate that someone has stated a particular position, such as: i??argues,i?? i??advocates,i?? i??asserts,i?? and i??contends.i?? Such verbs will indicate that the argument you are presenting is not necessarily your own. Your audience for this essay will be concerned and interested but not particularly informed citizens who are looking to you to provide an unbiased lay of the land.
be 5i??7 pages long, typed, double-spaced; have 1-inch margins, and name, class, and date at the top left-hand corner of the first page with title centered two lines below the date
i?? strategically and effectively incorporate at least three sources, at least one of which are print sources
i?? summarize and analyze all positions fairly, without advocating or slanting
i?? document all sources accurately (in text and on Works Cited page) according to MLA guidelines
i?? cite at least three sources, one from print venues, such as a newspaper or magazine