Urrent Developments: Forensic Computing

TOPIC : Forensic Computing

Current Developments

Learning Objective: give an informed account of the direction of the research and its context in a number of current development topics.

What is required:
a) An in-depth word-processed report on a topic of your choice and approved by your tutor. You should not choose a topic which overlaps excessively with your Assignment One topic.

Your report should consider ethical, political, social, environmental, economic (any one or some combination of these) effects in relation to current developments in the computing and information technology field.

You might take a particular development in Computing and IT and consider a wide range of its implications.

Alternatively, you might take a particular area of the effects of developments and consider a wide range of technological developments which are relevant.

Write no more than 2000 words (The length should be reduced if a substantial number of diagrams or tables are included a discuss with your tutor).

Assessment Guidelines

Pass Grade (E)
A fair factual coverage of the topic drawing on several sources. A fairly clear report, reasonably well organised.

Grade B or above
A good factual coverage of the topic drawing on a wide range of sources. Appropriate commentary, analysis, comparison, projections which reflect the studentas own ideas including clear rationale. A clear report, well organised.

referencing required , from any sources, books online, journals