Urrent Economic situation of Saudia Arabia

Dear Writer,

As the largest economy in the GCC, the fate of Saudi Arabias economy has a significant impact on the business situation in the region. The decline of oil prices presents both challenges and opportunities for the nation, but, in addition, the country is suddenly forced to go through a leadership transition as a new king has begun to rule. Such a time is an opportunity to view the current situation and decide what if any changes need to be made in its economic strategy going forward. Suppose you were advising the new leadership in Saudi Arabia. Write an essay describing the current economic situation in Saudi Arabia as you see it and provide suggestions for how to improve the economy going forward. Focus your recommendations in two areas: how to stabilize the economy in the short term and how to foster economic growth in the long run. Be specific in your policy recommendations and be sure to provide an explanation for why you believe in these recommendations.

Please write the essay in double spaced, 12 points font & please cite any external sources used in the essay (very important).

Thank You