Urrent event article on a Terrorist Act or Terrorist Organization

Article MUST be included with paper, must be relevant to course text, Terrorism-The Bottom LineBy: Nathan I. Yungher, Article must be a reliable source (i.e. Associated Press, The Economist, Time Magazine, etc…) Must be at least two pages in length, explanation of relevance of the article to terrorism, demonstration of an overall understanding of the material contained in the paper, demonstration of depth of understanding of the article through a thorough summary, inclusion of definitions for key terms used throughout the paper, information included in the paper is relevant to the topic, inclusion of facts from the text that are relevant to the article, relevancy of facts explained, avoidance of the same facts, proper use of headings, inclusion of an introduction and conclusion, topic sentences used to describe purpose of paragraph, smooth transitions between paragraphs, sections and topics, and a clear and logical organization, documentation to each quote, summary, and paraphrasing in the paper, and of course correct spelling and proper grammer and punctuation used throughout paper.

Thank you ahead for the atention to detail…..I need 6 articles exactly like this all current event articles, same topic, but would like to see one first before asking for the other five.