Urrent event outline of interpersonal communication

Guidelines-I live in California, but the current event can be from anywhere in the world. The article needs to be referenced as well.

1. Each student will select a cultural current event article (e.g., from a newspaper or magazine) and analyze the communication within the story. Your current event story may be about politics, foreign affairs, business, sports, entertainment, etc. (current this year)
2. You will submit a detailed outline. This outline will be 2-3 pages typed, double-spaced. 100 points possible

3. Your analysis needs to be based on intercultural communication research and theory. The analysis should include the following:

Provide a brief overview of the cultural current event article. When and where did the story take place? Describe the communication episode.

Provide a definition of Two course concepts e.g.( high-context orientation, low-context orientation, individualism issues, collectivism issues, perception differences, cultural influences on context: business setting, educational setting, health care setting, etc.) evidenced in the episode.

Provide an explanation of the link between the concepts and the communication behavior that takes place within the story (very important). For example, you may explain whether you thought the communication episode was effective or ineffective according to your understanding the course concept you selected.

4. The outline should be carefully proofread for spelling errors, grammatical errors, and type-Os.

5. I have provided a sample outline. This is the format I am looking for. This is all you need to submit a detailed outline. Rather than turning in an essay, you will outline your information.

6. Reminder: this is a DETAILED OUTLINE. Also keep in mind this sample outline is only to help guide you. You may have more sub points, or sub sub points etc. in the body of your outline. I have provided you with the minimum sub points to help get you started.

Your outline format should look like this the sample I have provided. Make sure to include all of the headings.

Intercultural Current Event Outline



I. Attention Getter: Utilize something to capture the readersa attention.

II. Topic Disclosure: Introduce the article you have chosen to analyze.
(You should include the title of article, author, source, and date).

III. Preview Statement: Introduce your main points.

I. First I will provide an overview of the article.
II. I will then introduce the concept individualism and ??
III. Finally I will make the connection between the article and the concepts.


I. Provide overview

A. supporting material

B. supporting material

Transition: Remind the reader what you have just shared with them, and introduce your next point.

(Example: Now that you understand what the article was all about, I want to introduce the concept individualism and ??)

II. Define the concepts

A. supporting material

B. supporting material

Transition: Remind the reader what you have just shared with them, and introduce your next point.

III. Connection between the article and the concepts.

A. supporting material

B. supporting material


I. Summary of Main Points: Restate your main points

In this outline I have shared with youa¦a¦., I then defineda¦a¦a¦, and finally connections were made betweena¦a¦..

II. Statement Which Ties the Outline Together:
(Return to Attention Getter a end with a closing line that refers back to your opening)

At no time can the font size you use be more than 12 or less than 10.