Urrent event that you feel affects todays American Dream.

You will write a 4-5 page research paper. The topic will be of a current event that you feel affects todays American Dream. To begin thinking about potential topics for the paper, you can look in newspapers, watch the news, or talk to others to find current events. Potential topics can come from your own beliefs, your personal interests, a discussion about a topic with a friend or family member, or research. Just make sure that your topic is a current event and that you will be able to find reliable sources.

Paper should flow smoothly from one paragraph to another with strong transitions.
Each body paragraph should support the topic sentence which will reflect back to the thesis.
Writeri??s personal tone must be evident and the paper should read authentically, not forced.
Diction should be elevated and used naturally to enhance the writing.
Syntax must include variety adding to the interest of the paper.
Mechanics allow the paper to flow smoothly.
Sources are correctly cited in-text and in works cited MLA format.
Preliminary bibliography should be included. This should list the six or more main sources you will cite when you write the paper.
Must use both primary and secondary sources.
At least two primary sources.
Secondary sources must include two or more books or articles found within library research (Online library is fine) and two or more internet sources.
Paper has an appealing presentation that engages the viewer instantly.