Urrent Event -Values, Attitudes & Perceptions

Select a recent event or article. This information can be gathered from magazines, journals, newspapers, or World Wide Web media
When completing this assignment, you will want to include the following:
1.Brief reaction to the article/work of your choice that pertains to topics covered in this module
2.Explain why you feel this article pertains to class
a.Summary of the article/work: summarize the importance of the topic vs. our class learning
3.Bibliographical entry a follow APA format for both the current event and case study
Paper should be double spaced, two-three pages in length and follow the format listed below:

1.Summary: a brief description of the premise of the article.
2.Background: What was the basis for the article? What caused the author to write the article?
3.Findings: What were the results/findings the article made?
4.Reaction to the article, what did you think?