Urrent Government initiatives that focus on PERSONAL and EMOTIONAL development (UK)

Early Years
This is a 1500 words assignment

1. Discuss TWO current Government initiatives that focus on Personal, and Emotional Development. Critically analyse the impact the initiatives will have on exiting early years practice. This needs to be linked to the child in the settings, ethos, family and the role of the practitioner in supporting that development and encouraging positive attitudes to learning.

Learning outcomes are

1, demonstrate a critical understanding of children s personal moral, spiritual social and emotional development and the role of the adult in supporting that development and encouraging positive attitudes to learning;

2. identify, discuss and critically analyse innovative ways of enable children to meet learning goals for personal, social and emotional development ;

3. Give examples of planning an inclusive curriculum, indicating the content and activities for a series of sessions designed to provide children with the best opportunity for development and progression in these areas. (Activities could be role play, circle time...);

4. work in partnership with parents and other professional and demonstrate the ability to plan for the children s future development through critical observation and formative, diagnostic and summative assessment and monitor and evaluate progress in group and individual activities (basically here is to say that through observation, monitoring and plan, practitioners evaluate and need to inform parents -working in partnership with parents).

5. Theorists for this assignment that I have been taught are: D Goleman, Howard Gardner, Bowlby, m. Dowling 1999, M Sheridan 1992, Judd Dunn, Moyles (1999) Piaget, Maslow Please feel free to use others

One of the useful Governmental sites were you can extract the two initiatives to critically discuss, are: (it may others).
” uk
Birth to Three Matters Framework
Child care Bill
Every child matters