Urrent health issues in relation to the Australian Health Care System

To obtain full marks you will need to use, at least two (2) recent credible references (e.g. journal articles, current texts, industry specific and Government websites), for the assessment task to validate your information. (Recent within last 5 years)

Identify and research one current health issue within Australia today from either the AIHW (2012) report or the National health priorities. Relate this health issue to our current Australian Health System by addressing the following points in your essay.
a? Why it is a current health care issue?
a? Health issue statistics e.g. incidence
a? Population type affected e.g. gender, age, group etc
a? Identify a range of factors which may affect the health of this client group including risk factors. Give consideration to any specific health and social circumstances of this client group.
a? Identify any existing primary health care services/agencies that address this health care issue and how these can be accessed.
a? Identify health promotion strategies within the community directed towards prevention, treatment and/or management of the health care issue
a? Identify any health policies or strategies which have been implemented by the government in relation to this health care issue.
a? What education would an enrolled nurse provide to promote holistic well being for a client with this health issue? e.g. emotional, social, financial well being etc.
You may use these dot points as sub headings in your essay.

Personal preference topic; Depression