Urrent issues and a?rightsa in special needs (Dyslexia)

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Module Learning Outcomes

LO 4: Reflect on the issues of a?rightsa and special needs.
LO 2: Critically evaluate the effectiveness of current provision in meeting additional needs.
Assignment Remit

Choose one current issue relevant to additional needs this must be agreed with your tutor.
Prepare, design and produce a power point presentation on the chosen current issue supporting this presentation with a reflective account of your learning. Within your presentation, you must:

a? critically evaluate the effectiveness of provision in meeting the needs of children with special needs

a? reflect on the issues of a?rightsa and special needs.


a? This is an individual assessment.
a? Prepare a power point presentation; submit the notes pages with justification for the information on the slides.
a? The presentation will consist of 15 slides with supporting justification, 2000 words.
a? Support the presentation with a reflective account (500 words) of your own learning.
a? Formative feedback will be given in peer support sessions; this must be included as an appendix with your submission.


a? Power point comprising 15 notes pages totalling 2000 words.
a? An evaluative reflective account of your learning in relation to the chosen topic, 500 words.
a? Please ensure the presentation and the reflective account covers both of the learning outcomes for the assignment.
You write this as a essay or report as i will then design it in to a powerpoint with the information
Grading Criteria

The Collegeas Level 6 (Honours) Grading Criteria apply to this assignment.

Please note that this assignment is an individual piece of work and should represent your own individual effort. College policy in case of plagiarism will apply.