Urrent issues and trends in business communication

Assignment 6-1

Global Issues and Current Trends

Points: 30 and Class Participation
Due: Mar 21


To assess your ability to examine the connection between business communication skills and the changing work environment.


This assignment provides you with the opportunity to explore current issues and trends in business communication. You will face many of these issues in your career, and this assignment will provide you with a preview of these issues. Explore the issues and trends by locating current articles and writing annotated references about the sources you find. As with previous annotated references, make sure to provide an APA citation and two paragraphs of discussion. In your discussion, explain what interests you about the issue or trend examined by the article. Also note any ways in which communication plays a role in the issue or trend.

Action Items

Locate two articles matching the guidelines discussed above.
Write an annotated reference for each article.

Grading Criteria

Grammar, Mechanics, and Citation Format: 0 a 10 points
Content article is from a scholarly journal and annotations offer an effective summary and critique.: 0 a 20 points