Urrent Issues for Strategic Information Systems Report

I need a 8 page coursework report with 6 references on Current Issues for Strategic Information Systems Report before April 23rd that covers these areas:Marks will be awarded as follows: it needs to be written for final year undergraduate level
1. Executive summary and introduction (5 marks)
2. Scene setting: A brief review of the organisationas IS/IM to date after the implementation of the findings from BCCD (5 marks)
3. The description of your choice of the 3 most important areas of technology for GLMas future business needs (24 marks)
4. The analysis of the benefits and opportunities provided by each of the technologies (15 marks)
5. An informed and researched opinion of any possible risks for GLMas business of adopting the specified technologies and including a general risk assessment with an optional risk limitation plan (15 marks )
6. A summary of technology recommendations including costings (provided in the Appendix) and conclusion (12 marks)
7. The structure of your answer and quality of written English (9 marks)
8. Bibliography and references a quality and completeness (8 marks)
9. Appendices a quality of research material included (7 marks)