Urrent Issues in event operations management (technology)

This course will introduce you to the principles and practices that facilitate successful event operations management. To further enhance your understanding of these areas, you will be required to further analyse the current issues facing these aspects of event management. Working individually, your task is to make a 15 minute presentation on current issues, challenges and responses facing event operations management. Your research should include current journal articles, books, industry reference materials and other resources.

The topic area is: Technology
A topic area will be assigned to you in your first tutorial. From this general topic area, you must choose one specific area/issue/aspect to present on (note: this presentation is not on the general topic area).



a?Outline of the aim/significance of the topics.
a?Outline the issues or themes contained within the topic.
a?Provide definition and overview of relevant theory to your topic.
a?Preview of the sequence of topics to be addressed.


a?Incorporation of relevant theories
a?Use of real world examples/illustrations directly relevant to the topic
a?Evidence of critical thinking and depth of analysis of issues or themes
a?Evidence of a series of well structured arguments that follow a logical sequence
a?Use of literature/media and/or industry comment (referenced) to support discussion or points of view
a?Use of figures, diagrams or illustration as appropriate (referenced)

Dear Writer,
This is going to be a presentation work which I would like you to help with writing a speech instead of an essay,I would like to have a script of 1750 words which will included an introduction(200 words), a conclusion(100 words), recommendations(250 words)and 3 other different sections(1200 words), in these sections I would like to have real world example to be provided. Please be sure to include and please double check with all the criterias which I provided above, there are 9 points.

Also, I would like to have a draft to be seen 1-2 days before the deadline.