Urrent Issues in Finance (A case study for murger and aquisition)

Your submission should be in the range of 3,000  3,500 words. Assignments that exceed this
word limit will be penalized 10%. Your analysis needs to show a strong understanding of the
Merger and/or Acquisition case with some integration of the current finance literature 
comparing, contrasting, and integrating what you have found  as well as an understanding of what
various authors have written and their input into the topic area in question. In addition to your
analysis you should conclude with a Reference Section detailing all sources you have cited using the
Harvard Reference System.
Use of Resources
Make sure that you reference material that helps you in addressing the issues of this assignment.
For this assignment you must rely both on academic, peer reviewed, journals as well as on articles
in the press related to the chosen Merger and/or Acquisition case. The EBSCO and FIRSTSEARCH
databases are excellent resources for such material but must be applied appropriately. Textbooks
and internet related material may also be used.
Quality of Work
Ability to synthesise source material (your analysis). Be sure to discuss relevant data and examples.
Analyse information, interpret it and draw appropriate conclusions. You must present the Merger
and/or Acquisition case in a balanced way, discussing mainly the financial and valuation aspects.
Harvard Referencing Style