Urrent issues in hrm Final report  (build up from the draft report. id no.78155928)

Question here task  Equal Opportunities and Managing Diversity are supposedly different paradigms. Or is Managing Diversity just an extension of Equal Opportunities? What do you think. Discuss the position taken. my draft paper has been attached, as has my tutors feedback. all changes that you make to the draft please just add in the relevant section with a red font. please do not subtract from my draft just complete it using the details below. i just need another 1500 words copvering areas mentioned in tutors feedback.

Key points for writer

 these have been picked up from my tutors feedback which I have attached

you say  the anti-discrimination laws do not always work . In what sense?

Are you going to look at the practical implications of your arguments? How does the management of diversity different from the management of equality? That is one question you could ask. Or you could decide to focus on one particular group of people and show the differences, similarities and overlaps as related to that group. What s the reference for the italicised paragraph on page 1

The final should be in the form of an academic paper and should include
” Title
” Introduction
” Sub headings (not numbered) in which the arguments are presented
” A conclusion
” A list of references
” A bibliography(using the Harvard system)

Work must show
” A clear indication and explanation
” With a clear and coherent structure
” A more analytical than descriptive style
” The key arguments should be presented
” Good evidence of reading, good use of references to support arguments
” Clear conclusion.
” Written in a persuasive style