Urrent Issues in Parent-Child Relationships

Divorce is a current issue that affects parents and childrens and is studied by sociologists and pyschologists, Write a research paper on divorce, be prepared to discuss the impact of it on five of the following:

parent-child relationships
the role of the parent; now and in the past
the role of the child
childbearing and childrearing
socialization of children
parenting styles
the role of society: policies or practices in place for families.

Include material and statistics from your readings and experience. Cite all secondary sources.

Urrent Issues in Parent-Child Relationships

Do some preliminary secondary research on the topic of Latch-key kids(families in which both parents are working full time).

When researching your topic, consider the following:
summarize the issue
how does it affect children?
how does it affect parents?
how does it affect the parent-child relationship?
how prevalent is it in Canada?
what would you want to learn about the topic, and why?

Write a 200 word summary of your findings