Urrent Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Current Issues in Sport and Exercise Psychology

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Part 1 : Student are asked to submit a literature review (post 1990) on an are explored during the lecture and seminar programme (1250  1500 words)

Part 2 : Students are selected and critique the prescribed research article associated with their chosen are ( 1250  1500 words)

You may choose one from the following six areas:

” Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Critique: O Connor,J., & McDermott,I. (1997) Sports injuries: Healing the memory. Psitive health, 17. Bristol, UK.

” Substance Abuse and Athletes
Critique: Maganaris,C.N., Collins,D., & Sharp,M. (2000) Expectancy effects and strength training : Do steroids make a difference? The Sport Psychologist, 14, pp 272  278.

” Mental Toughness
Critique: Golby, J: & Sheard, M & Lavallee, D (2003) A cognitive behavioural analysis of mental toughness in national rugby league football teams. Perceptual and Motor Skills,
96, (2), 455  462

” Anger Management
Critique: Brunelle,J.P., Janelle, C.M., & Tennant,L.K. (1999) Controlling competitive anger among male soccer players. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, 11, pp. 283  297.

” Eating Disorders in Sport
Critique: Berry, T.R., & Howe,B.L. (2000) Risk factors for disordered eating in female university athletes. Journal of Sport Behavior, 23, (3), pp. 207  218.

” Over-training and Burnout
Critique: Goss,J.D. (1994) Hardiness and mood disturbances in swimmers while overtraining. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 16, 135  149.

Studenta are reminded that the literature review should focus upon the psychological aspect of their chosen topic area, and not a generic account of the field

n.b. You must include the journal article that you decide to critique in your appendix.
harvard. no breviations please.