Urrent Issues Paper Human Resource as a Profession A Look at professional associations and certifications


1. Your assignment for the CIP is to select a topic from the list provided by the Instructor. If you want to use a topic that is not on the list, you must have prior permission. Do not start a topic that is not on the list without permission.
2. In an Introduction, explain which topic you have selected and why you think this topic is important to contemporary organizations.
3. Select three (3) critically important questions you want to answer regarding the topic you selected. Please be specific when you list these questions. Pose them in the form of questions. For example, take the topic Understanding Job Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Commitment.You might ask, (1) What factors account for job satisfaction? (2) What makes an employee loyal to an organization and how does that impact his/her effectiveness? (3) What is the result of employee commitment on the success of an organization?
4. Then, you should explain why these three (3) particular questions are important to your topic and why you have selected them. For example, there may be 11,573 things that you want to know about the topic; however, you would not be able to address everything.
5. Finally, answer the questions that you have selected, using appropriate sources and in-text references.
6. Organize your CIP using appropriate headings in the following order: Introduction, Important Issues / Questions (use your questions as headings to better organize the structure of your paper note that you are most likely going to have more headings and subheading in this section of the paper this is only an example), Conclusion, and References Page.
7. Use between six to nine (6-9) references that will help you answer the three (3) questions you selected. Your references should come from the UMUC online library or well-known high quality, accurate, and current Web sites. (see links below for correct formatting, etc.) You may not use Wikipedia as a reference!
8. Use references and correctly and consistently follow APA the University of Maryland University College standard.
” The CIP must have a title page, an introduction, a body answering the questions, a conclusion, and a references page. (See #6 above)
” The title page should include in the following order and in the center of the page the title of your topic, your name, the date, and HRMN300.
” Use headings to separate the sections of the paper and to present a well-organized paper.
” Number the pages according to the APA guidelines.
” Spell-check and proof-read carefully before submitting. HINT: Print and read your draft out-loud to yourself to discover errors that could be avoided because they are not Heardon a PC monitor. I use this exercise before submitting any work because it works effectively.
” Use Times New Roman, size 12 font for all headings and text.
” Use black text, do not use colors, do not use bold fonts.
” Use 1margins on top, bottom, and both left and right sides.
” Use double-spacing.
” Left justify.
” Set your paper size to 8.5 x 11.
” Do not use contractions. For example, It is not a good idea to use contractions in a formal paperis more professional than, Its not a good idea to use contractions in a formal paper.(NOTE: it is okay for me to use contractions in my instructions to you, however, it is not OK for me to use them in a formal paper.)
” Do not use the personal you or we. For example, When you communicate, you should always ...is not as professional as When a manager communicates, s/he should always ...”
” Do not forget the following problem words: its is not its; your is not youre; to is not too; site is not cite; their is not there or theyre. There are also other common word challenges. Take care to use words effectively and correctly.
” Save your paper in the following manner: Use your name obviously: FirstInitialLastName_CIP300. For example, MSmith_CIP300. This helps me know who wrote which paper for which course when I download them and I need to know. Thank you!
” Use Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works, or save your file as a .rtf, or .txt file. Attach your paper to the correct Assignment folder. Do not copy and paste it into the text box. If you use Corel WordPerfect, I will not be able to open it because I dont have Corel WordPerfect on my PC. Therefore, I will have to return your assignment unopened. If you need assistance saving a Corel WordPerfect document as a .rtf or .txt file, please seek help from a friend or family member.
” Remember that footnotes or references should always be used in-text when you have used a source/reference: always give credit to your sources.
” The CIP paper should use American Psychological Association (APA) style guide. General guidance information can be found by linking to: chapter5/chapter5-19.shtml
” Please note that a simple Web URL is not the correct format for a reference. Use a complete reference, not just part of a reference. Explore UMUCs Web site for that type of correct formatting: chapter5/chapter5-19.shtml
” The length (number of pages) of the CIP is suggested and will depend on the way you write, the information you find, and how comprehensively you address the issues. The paper should be between six to eight (6-8) pages.