Urrent Issues Paper: To Frack or not to Frack?

Ethics is fundamentally about making difficult decisions. Making decisions about how we as individuals, organizations, communities and society, should act, especially in situations where there are no obvious right or wrong answers. For this paper, you are required to think through an ethical dilemma in current events and analyze it. Given the specific topic for this paper (fracking) address the following three questions:
1. Analyze the consequences: who may be potentially helped/harmed by this dilemma, in what way and in the shortterm and the long term.
2. Analyze the Actions: Consider all the options from different ethical perspectives, ignoring the consequences. Is there a conflict between the principles or rights of the different people involved?
3. Make a decision: Consider the consequences and actions (steps 1 and 2) and make a decisions. What decision would you make and why? Would the decision be an easy one?
Remember there are no right or wrong answers for this assignment. The key is that you show your thinking about whatever decision/position you come to and that you have explored alternative points of view on the topic.
Essay should be 800 to 1,100 words double spaced (1 margin/ 12 pt font). A works cited page is required.
One of the most controversial issues facing the Colorado is the practice of fracking.There are various ethical perspectives regarding this issue: corporate oil companies, fracking subcontractors, equipment suppliers, community/townships, individual residents, landowners, the underground water supply other environmental dangers (or are there any), and the list goes on. After researching the subject(from a colorado point of view), address the questions suggested above and provide your stance on the subject. Use scholarly sources only and avoid newspaper/periodical/magazine articles as well as internet blog sources. Wikipedia, blogs, youtube, about.com, and similar sources are not acceptable.