Urrent Key legislation that applies to teaching

This assignmnet is for PTLLS Level 4: Theory assignments.

Below is the instruction of the assignment. However I am taking this course as I would like to teach information technology ( IT ) . I have a degree in IT and I am employed as a software Engineer at the moment.

Assignment instruction:
Summarise they key aspects of current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to yur subject and the type of organisation within which you work.

List key legisltion that applies to teachinginclude things like the Disability Discrimination Act, Equal Opportunities, Race Relations. Act. Sex Discrimination Act, FE Teachers Regulations (updated Sep 2007), Every Child Matters. Look at anything specific to your subject specialism eg. If you teach in a school, there are rules governing relationships with pupils; if you teach Construction, there is stringent health & safety legislation.

If you are EBC staff, check out college policies on the internet.

If you teach elsewhere, or are thinking about teaching what rules govern where you work or would like to work?

Assessment Criteria and checklist:-

-All relevant legislation noted
-Comments made as to relevance of legislation to roles of a tutor
-Comments relating to subject specific legislation
-Comments on why the legislation is important.