Urrent Legislative bill Federal or state (tennessee)related to nursing

POLITICAL PROCESS ACTIVITY (Current Legislative bill Federal or state(Tennessee)related to nursing

1. Go on line to nursingworld.org
-review the current TNA and ANA legislative issues related to nursing.
Information can be found under the a?Government Affairsa? sections of web sites.
TNA has a?talking pointa? papers that can be used as an example
ANA has Position Statements and a?Fact Sheetsa? that can also be used as examples

2. Identify a legislative bill or issue relevant to nursing or community health that is currently under consideration.
Identify as a Congressional Bill or Tennessee State Bill.

3. Develop your position on the bill / issue
-type a two (2) page paper describing the bill / issue and your position on it.
-Include how the passage or failure of the bill will impact healthcare.
APA style with references
-Include Bill number