Urrent Nutritional and Nutraceutical Approches for the Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome


I would like in writing that my  base thesis will be written by a native English speaking professional, as well as the warranty that it will be an original work, free of plagiarism and will never be resold. Please let me know if this is possible before processing my request.

Special instructions

I will need:

Table of contents: listing of the thesis contents in numerical order

Abstract: summarizes the significance, content and conclusion of the thesis. It should not exceed 250 words. It should include the objectives of the literature review, definitions of unusual terms, findings from the literature, and significant conclusions based on the literature.

Introduction: Design to express the purpose and scope of the paper. Clarifications, definitions and controversial issues are discussed here.

Literature review: Avoid citation of books. Opposing viewpoints may be included. Avoid direct quotations. Rely upon primary sources especially those that incorporate a doubleblind, placebo-controlled research, protocol. Do not rely primarily on experimental studies using animals or tissue culture; however these can be incorporated into the paper for providing supportive evidence. Thesis should be based on based on the recent biomedical literature.

Discussion: Studies that incorporate unsound methodology should be noted as being less credible than those that are methodologically sound. Try to point out other strengths and weaknesses of cited studies. Discuss alternative explanations and suggest possible future studies that may clarify ambiguous findings.

Conclusion: statement summarizing the main findings and suggesting possibilities for future research.

References: Should be cited in the numerical order in which they are presented in the paper. References should be cited in the body of the paper by number. The format for citations should be that used by Nutrition Reviews. For example:

Institute of Medicine. Nutrition during lactation. Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press, 1990;90-111

Any graphs, figure, tables, etc. Should be incorporated directly into the text in the order they are mentioned in the paper.


The paper should be a minimum of 25 typed doubled-space pages on 8 and ? x 11 inch paper. Roman numerals should be used for the pages preceding the introduction, that is , the table of contents is ii. The introduction is page number 1.

Please use Times New Roman Font