Urrent Policies in Effect in the CJ System

Identify current policies in effect in the criminal justice system today that would be important to conduct research on. What theories or assumptions seem to underlie these policies and why they were put in place?

This topic comes from Chapter 1 of our textbook we use for the class. It is called Criminological Theory (Prentice Hall 6th edition) by Franklin P. Williams and Marilyn D. McShane.

This paper is a 5-page minimum, double spaced, one inch margins, times new roman size 12 font. It must include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references that can be found in FIU online library or google scholar. Everything must be in APA format. The 5 page minimum is based solely on research paper content and does not include areas such as abstract, title page, and reference page. This paper will be submitted through turnitin.com and will be examined for plagiarism. It is imperative that students do not copy and paste material. Papers that contain excessive amounts of incorrect spelling, improper use of grammar, poor sentence structure, etc will be penalized.

This paper is due Monday March 30 at 11:59pm.