Urrent Political Economic Situation of HK

Research Paper I will attach the Instructions with readings.
I have two topics which i have already written proposals for. (also attached)
Try to use reliable Internet sources(try not to use books, or material that i would have to go to the library or purchase a book to find)
If you could please include graphs that might help the essay, such as GDP etc.
Footnotes are preferred
Below is my professor comments on my Proposal

PLEASE TALK TO ME WHILE YOURE writing this. ASK ME questions about concepts if you dont already know them.
Hi Justin!

Sorry for taking so long to send you some comments! First, I want to say -wow! Two proposals! Well done. I would encourage you of course to go with the one youre more interested in, which sounds like HK.

Im thrilled to see you want to incorporate the readings, as well as the EVL model into the situation in HK. My primary advice to you right now -if you havent already since you sent this proposal in -is to nail down a single, specific, focused research question. As you mentioned, the readings can be a good source of theories for you -they can also be a good example of a very specific research question. Some papers weve read of course entertain more than one question, but given the short time frame for this project, one question will surely be plenty to keep you busy. You could focus on any of the issues you mention -stability, inequality, EVL, etc. -of course, as you know, stability alone is something that could be studied for an incredibly long time. Your focus in the proposal has been on EVL, which is great, so go ahead and make a pointed research question about that!

Once youve nailed down a specific research question, then I would encourage you to think carefully about your specific answer to the question as well as other possible alternative answers. Then, your use of interviews or other data will be helpful to tease out which of the explanations or theories is most accurate. One major contribution it looks like youre poised to offer is quantifying whether China is dependent or autonomous on HK -thats fantastic. And, of course, theres the issue of whether HK has a credible exit option. You might also think about how the simple EVL game could be modified or extended to match this situation.

Let me know how it goes! Great work. Of course, if in the meantime youve decided youd rather do the other topic, thats ok, too!

Prof. JR